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Our brand aims to heal the divide and create awareness: between artist and community; between community and activist organizations; and between human & human who stand on opposing sides of the fence.  

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LooksGoodOnYouinc is a Activist Apparel & Goods Brand aimed to ignite inclusive conversations, in a one-on-one manner around Gender Equality.  The brand encourages its wearers to actively share their conversations via IG or email their stories in to  All purchases benefit artists and partnering sexual assault awareness non-profit.

Sara R. Rocha

Sara R. Rocha

Sara is an illustrator based in Lisbon.  A couple years ago, Sara began a mission to draw for love every day and to post her illustrations on instagram.  Since then, she's become a sensation. Her whimsical illustrations speaking a universal language with women across the world.  Jenna thanks her lucky stars to have found Sara at at the beginning of her drawing a day journey and to finally collaborate.  We're honored to have Sara on board as a contributing artist.