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Our brand aims to heal the divide and create awareness: between artist and community; between community and activist organizations; and between human & human who stand on opposing sides of the fence.  

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LooksGoodOnYouinc is a Activist Apparel & Goods Brand aimed to ignite inclusive conversations, in a one-on-one manner around Gender Equality.  The brand encourages its wearers to actively share their conversations via IG or email their stories in to  All purchases benefit artists and partnering sexual assault awareness non-profit.

Our Founder


Hello Soulshakers.  I am Jenna Johnson.  

I believe that at the seat of all despair, resentments, blame, anger, unwanted compulsions, and separation, there is this part of us that has NOT felt the permission to Be with a capital B.  To Be fully expressed.  To feel Safe within our skin and body; within the complex container through which we experience our world. 

There is such deeply rooted shame, merely for BEING, that is universal for all of us.  Rooted in our skin, the form of our body, our sexual orientation, our gender orientation, our family and heritage, our DNA.

I believe that when we fully embody our truth, and agree to Be with ourselves exactly as we are {with our good and our ugly} we experience magical healing --- in our relationships, in our bodies, in our business, in our world at large.  I believe that when we express our truth from the source we all come from (ultimate creativity, love, freedom, and magic), that true peace can thrive.

The idea of LooksGoodOnYouinc. came to me back in April 2016, like a gift crashing in to my lap, to be sure I wouldn't ignore it.  A brand that would ignite healing conversations around the most pertinent, ripe, and often trepidatious topics in need of discourse in society today. Affirming and inclusive and contributing to other artists and organizations.  I also knew instinctually that the first conversation slo-mo {slogan of the moment} would be #FeminismLooksGoodOnYou...knowing in my bones ever since I was little that this conversation was no where near over yet.  

And then...the election season ramped up and climaxed on November 8th and it became CRYSTAL clear that this mission was meant for now.

Feminism is humanism.  Deeper than any law ever written on equality is the belief carried human to human that we are all worthy.   

Thank you for being part of this conversation. 

Jenna is an Actor, Social Activist, Lyricist/Musician, and Eating Psychology & Embodiment Coach in L.A.  Say hello.