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Our brand aims to heal the divide and create awareness: between artist and community; between community and activist organizations; and between human & human who stand on opposing sides of the fence.  

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LooksGoodOnYouinc is a Activist Apparel & Goods Brand aimed to ignite inclusive conversations, in a one-on-one manner around Gender Equality.  The brand encourages its wearers to actively share their conversations via IG or email their stories in to  All purchases benefit artists and partnering sexual assault awareness non-profit.


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Dear Plus Sized Community

Jenna Johnson

I should have written sooner regarding this.  Truth is, I've let some initial concerns I'd had fall through the cracks due to my own short sightedness.  And excluded a number of you in the process.   

I deeply apologize.

My desire is to have eco conscious, socially conscious clothing available in sizes for ALL to purchase.  Eco conscious and socially conscious in: the how it was made (ie: in what condition do our wonderful craftsmen and women work in); the what it was created with (ie: recycled and/or organic materials); and collaboration and intention behind its creation.  

In my initial batch of clothing --- I purchased an estimate number of apparel pieces from one of the only companies I could secure wholesale account with initially --- got them sped over to my wonderful family owned and eco friendly screen printers, and up for sale in time for an event I'd had pre-scheduled.  I set that plan in action as a knee jerk reaction to the election.  I had dreamt of LooksGoodOnYouinc's brand and mission much earlier, but at the time of the election, when my business hadn't yet launched due to logistics and elements still being tweaked at a calm pace, I just erupted it out.  

Now as I still work through this first batch, I have made further whole sale relations with Alternative Apparel --- an all eco conscious (recycled and/or organic) company --- with more varying sizes.  But as I still have so much of my first printed stock, as well as alternate plans for messaging on my upcoming apparel, many of these larger sized items are not yet available.

And even MORE disappointing, even within Alternative Apparel, their sizing only goes up to 2XL with the very occasional 3XL.

I am currently in the works to make relations with plus sized apparel brands that also practice eco-conscious practices and will be keeping you in the loop.

Again, I deeply apologize for the feelings of exclusion in what is meant to be an inclusive breeding mission.  I love you all, and thank you for all your wonderful feedback thus far. 

More to come. 

And... for those of you men & women attending the Women's March in your home cities or in D.C... Enjoy the energy, and though it may be difficult, listen to the quietest story teller among you for what they have to share.  We will fly the more the most quieted of us is heard and made to feel safe and included.  

The only way THROUGH is through.

Jenna Johnson

This is a call to action.  To embrace Conflict as a resource in our relationships this holiday.  Conflict as a way to bridge the divide.

At LooksGoodOnYouinc, it is my believe that healing the divide happens one conversation at a time. That the topics of the day that cause the most division, need discourse in small doses in order for there to be real conflict resolution and understanding of the “other’s” experience.  That the only way Through is through.

In the topic of feminism, I have found that Feminists have FELT shame, at some point or LONGER, for being exactly who they are, shame for the way they’ve coped. Because something in SOCIETY convinced them that they were not worthy. And whether they believed it for a moment or not, or longer, the Shame that they felt they had to cram themselves into a box that wasn’t theirs in order to survive, or to live “right” is pretty universal. On the other end, those opposing Feminism, do so because they feel SHAME around the fact that merely being who THEY are, that they are being blamed as the cause for someone else’s displacement.

This holiday, and as we bridge this year with the beginning of 2017, what I wish for all of us, is to consider conflict differently. To take some action, large or small, in using conflict as a resource in our relationships. As a way to deepen them. Because while many of us can say that conflict has been a messy part of our closest relationships, we can also usually admit, that it has been a source of some juicy juicy connecting as well.

And if ANY of you are specifically seeking an actual invitation to HAVE these conversations with loved ones or friends about the conflicts we face currently. Please message me. I have some projects for you.

The premise for TWO of them are below:

1. I am gathering audio and stories from one on one conversations between opposing sexes/genders about what it currently means for you to be a man or a woman or other in this current time.  Healing sexism I truly believe takes this sort of activism and an engaging of the “other.” An invitation for Men to join this conversation and for all to experience compassionate listening.

2. My rockstar powerhouse, so in awe of all she is, friend, Nik and her friend Jessica, are gathering audio and stories as well. For a project called the 53%. About being a white woman, about Donald Trump, and about given and chosen family. Exploring the WHY behind the statistic that 53% of white women in America voted for Donald Trump.  For more info on this click here.

Much love to you.