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Our brand aims to heal the divide and create awareness: between artist and community; between community and activist organizations; and between human & human who stand on opposing sides of the fence.  

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LooksGoodOnYouinc is a Activist Apparel & Goods Brand aimed to ignite inclusive conversations, in a one-on-one manner around Gender Equality.  The brand encourages its wearers to actively share their conversations via IG or email their stories in to  All purchases benefit artists and partnering sexual assault awareness non-profit.

Marico Fayre


Marico is our guiding visual creator for LooksGoodOnYouinc.'s First Wave campaign, if you will, #FeminismLooksGoodOnYou.   

As a fine art photographer, creative director, and educator, Marico's work focuses on using visual narratives that connect, empower, inspire, and offer a space for personal contemplation. She is based in Portland, OR.   

And she is our (s)hero for being precisely who she is - an unbelievable light and translator of human experience.   

"I am a woman, artist, storyteller, visual thinker, cook (but I don't follow the recipe), fierce queer femme, older sister, loyal friend, dedicated teacher, kitchen dancer, day-dreamer, bibliophile, animal lover, a connector of people, a recovering perfectionist, and a consummate wanderer. I am creative, passionate, intense, curious, imperfect, loving, compassionate, and engaged. I am awake. 

"Artist practice taught me that it is only through stillness that we can reveal what hides in the depths of our shadows. Why a woman will turn herself into a mirror, a mannequin, a living wraith in order to not hurt another. And through art we learn about ourselves, our experiences, our humanity, our brokenness, and that we are worthy."  ~ M. Fayre