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Our brand aims to heal the divide and create awareness: between artist and community; between community and activist organizations; and between human & human who stand on opposing sides of the fence.  

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LooksGoodOnYouinc is a Activist Apparel & Goods Brand aimed to ignite inclusive conversations, in a one-on-one manner around Gender Equality.  The brand encourages its wearers to actively share their conversations via IG or email their stories in to  All purchases benefit artists and partnering sexual assault awareness non-profit.


Our Mission



Political meets personal at LooksGoodOnYouinc., a brand inspired by the power conversations have in humanizing the 'Other.'  The 'Other' that stands across our line in the sand on an integral issue or core belief.  The 'Other' that looks different than us.  The 'Other' that loves differently.  The 'Other' that is a stranger until a one-on-one connective interaction is had that bridges that divide.  

And miraculously through humanizing the 'Other,' anger, prejudice, resentment, fear...dissolves.

LooksGoodOnYouinc. is a social firecracker.  Performance art if you will.  As a line of conversation apparel and goodswe are eco conscious, socially consciousness, and inclusive.  We partner with artists from around the globe on the unique visuals that make up our #___LooksGoodOnYou slo-mos {slogans of the moment}.  These slogans and visuals inspire conversation and create awareness for each slogan, each experience a person has with the word in our contemporary culture.  We are also dedicated to creating awareness for the non-profit we partner with, those DOing the GOOD work in the world.

By sporting LooksGoodOnYouinc. apparel, you affirm your awesomeness as well as empowering 'Others' and opening a dialog for continued education and inclusion.   

Share your conversations in the world and with us @LooksGoodOnYouInc on Instagram, with hashtag #FeminismLooksGoodOnYou #KeepTheConversationGoing #TruthLoveInclusionRevolution 


EcoConscious +                   Socially Conscious

LGOYinc believes in the power of a single human. The power their truth expressed has on their social environment, as well as the power their choices have on their eco-environment.

We strive to partner with innovative clothing brands who's pillars are eco-friendly practices, and production environments where dignity of the worker is of the highest priority.  

We are currently interested in partnering with recyclable brands.

Contact us if this is you :)    


Expanding Awareness

Our brand aims to expand awareness.

Between the public and our contributing artist.  

Between human & human regarding the topic at hand within our slo-mo

{slogan of the moment}.

And between public and Non-Profit / Activist Organization we are contributing to.  


Inclusive Activism

Our brand acknowledges you as an activist. You make impact.  You are useful.  You contribute ALREADY.

With our brand, you contribute to a Non-Profit profoundly and simply with your purchase.  

And by wearing your truth boldly, you amplify your effect.  Your conversations are a given.  And these conversations are the basis of understanding.  If you choose to share broadly, please Share with us @LooksGoodOnYouinc.